Patio Doors R Series Vinyl


Is it time to upgrade that old builder grade, single-glazed aluminum sliding door? Vinyl patio doors offer better frame construction and superior insulation. Low-E / Argon gas filled sealed units provide a great insulating door while enhancing the beauty of the room.

Sliding patio doors are also a great solution when remodeling an area with a goal of opening a space up to the outdoors.

A1’s R series are constructed from multi-chambered, impact resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that won’t warp, yellow or fade over time.

Fully Compliant – All models performance levels are tested and independently certified. R Series Vinyl Patio doors are fully NAFS – 08 compliant. They are also Energy Star certified Zone D.

R Series Sliding patio doors come in a variety of configurations, colours and sizes from 5ft up to 12 ft wide. Decorative grid options can also be added to enhance the look.