Maximizing the view with A1 Windows 350 Series


With this recently created  penthouse,and it’s expansive 360 degree vistas of the north shore,  it was all about maximizing the view with A1 Windows 350 Series.  Working  with existing architecture,  the heavily thermally broken but compact 3.5 inch perimeter frame of the 350 Series helped achieve the design objectives without sacrificing performance.350 fixed window

patio doors
A1’s 350 Series over sized patio doors are a key feature throughout the space; allowing easy access to roof top balconies.  Long term dependability and smooth  operation is assured through use of dual tandem rollers and weather sealing on all perimeters.

This unique double slider configuration allows the homeowner to choose which side of door to open dependent on the prevailing breeze.  The configuration is also ideal for smaller spaces where furniture placement might play a role in which side to  open.

Patio doors