Return on Investments: How Much Window Replacements Pay Off

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If you are reading this blog you are likely trying to learn about windows and might even be shopping for them too. How much window replacement windows cost has risen. Windows are a significant purchase and you are approaching your investment seriously if you learn what I am sharing here. Many improvements in window technologies have made windows the best investment that they have ever been. At the same time though, these improvements have raised the price floor of window purchases.  The ticket shock of seeing the price of windows is scary. Is this more than you budgeted for? You are not alone.

The long-term benefits of windows, though, are worth the price. Here is a quick list of what windows do now that will save you money:

  • Windows are more energy efficient saving you on heating and AC costs
  • Modern windows are better barriers against moisture and condensation
  • UV Blocking technologies mean that furniture and fixtures won’t fade
  • Efficient windows earn great resale value
  • Easier maintenance that is less frequent

How much window replacements cost varies on too many factors, but the most efficient windows run in the ballpark of $1000-1500 per window before rebates, grants, or other programs. To learn more about what questions to ask, read my guide here.

Energy Savings as an Investment Opportunity

You and I both live here in the lower mainland. I have lived in colder climates and I have lived in warmer climates. Everywhere windows do the same thing: they keep the cold out and the warm in. Modern windows are better than ever at doing just that. The federal and provincial governments are aiming to achieve low-energy targets and are paying people to upgrade their windows. They know that older windows are usually the biggest culprits for energy loss. How much do you think escapes through old windows? Would your guess be somewhere between 5-15%?

What if I told you that homes with aluminum windows from as recent as the early 2000s see about 22-30% of their energy escape through their windows. Consider your current energy bills, how quickly will high-efficiency windows pay off? It is likely earlier than you thought.

Welcome to the Lower Mainland – It’s Always Raining Here

Have you ever been meandering downtown and had your own personal rain cloud? I have – the forecast here lies when it calls for clear sunny days. It is important that your home is also protected from the high levels of moisture and precipitation that our climate bears. Windows deteriorate over time: seals fail, weather-stripping gets worn down, and hinges need care. New windows mean that all of these problems go away and stay away for a long time.

Modern guidelines establish that you should expect sealants to last 10 years – at the very minimum – and modern compression seals use two or even three barriers against water penetration to seal up that window. With the basic maintenance, the expected life of these new sealants is up to 50 years. New glass and vinyl window technologies confront the menace of condensation building inside your home. With the right choice of glass, you almost need to be drowning in the humidity to see condensation.

Furniture Damage is a Faded Fad of the Past

Reduced UV light is a feature of efficient windows. Yes, you can purchase windows that will let in lots of UV light, but why would you? According to some research done by one of the largest glass manufacturers even the worst offenders of modern windows only allow about 30% of UV light. With the right combination, that UV allowance goes down to 7% in high efficiency windows, and we have achieved as low as 1% in laboratory conditions. This means that those beautiful wooden floors that you are thinking about restoring will last for decades. Your furniture will thank you. No longer will you dread accidental sun bleaching or fading. As long as you do not apply your frosted tips while lounging on your cloth couch, I think you will be quite happy with bleach-free furniture.

Thinking of Selling? New Windows are a Top Feature

Realtors dream of a client who knows how to maximize their house’s value. One of the best returns on investment is new windows and a good front door. You might be surprised to learn that houses can have up to 30% of their surface covered in windows. That means that a lot of the curb appeal comes from how those windows look. Good colours and properly aligned sight lines can bump up an OK house to an excellent eye-catcher.

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How Much Window Replacements are Worth

Good Windows provide many benefits unique to their role as the most permeable avenue for energy, water, and light. Newer windows will better protect your home and your wallet. They are a superb long-term investment that will allow you to appreciate living comfortably in your home.