A-1 Window’s Summer Projects!

Have you been wondering what has been keeping A-1 Windows busy? Aside from all the homes that we have been working on, we have completed a few projects this summer and we have managed to qualify for the CleanBC Income Qualified Program! Let us look at what has been keeping us busy!

Now it is time to get you up to speed on how A-1 Windows is changing and looking towards a bright future. Keep up with our blogs, projects, and more on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook!

If you have an interesting project, we want to hear from you! A-1 Windows is always looking to tackle interesting and difficult challenges. From down on the ground floors and up to cloud-cutting Penthouses, A-1 Windows has a product that will perfectly fit your project.

Summer-Proofing Our Local Churches

Churches have a lot of old, unique window applications that are starting to show their age. A-1 Windows is here to make sure that parish and parishioners alike feel at home in their places of worship and community. These projects required creative uses of our 350 aluminum series and our vinyl 4500 Ultra series windows.

Old buildings always have unexpected issues. Wood rot, asbestos, and water damage are common in older buildings in this region. We are experienced in guiding our customers through the best ways to fix and update your buildings for the modern age. A-1 Windows will rise to the challenge of bringing the old buildings up to modern standards. Retrofits are our specialty so we have seen all types of challenging buildings.

Summertime Strata Replacements

Is your strata council thinking about window replacements? This year we helped many people replace their aging 80s aluminum windows and upgrade their homes with high-efficiency custom windows and doors. We provide full service from day one. From the start, we are involved with your strata. A-1 Windows assists with the consultations and coordinates schedules that fit our client’s needs. From Low-Rise to High-Rise, A-1 has the correct products to make your home more efficient and more comfortable.

This year we worked on a few Low-Rise buildings bringing triple-glazed products to people whose homes benefit greatly from these upgrades. New windows and doors are expected to outperform updating standards. High efficiency and high performance are a consult away.

Helping Homeowners Qualify For Rebates

The everyman is our everyday. We have sold thousands of triple-glazed products so far this year! The majority of where we do our installations is in the homes of people looking to qualify for Federal Grants or Provincial rebates. That means you, dear homeowner, are our most valued customer. Our window products are Energy-Star and Energy-Star Most Efficient certified. We have you covered whether you want a single window or if you want to update your entire house. A-1 Windows is full service for you. We bring windows and doors to get your home upgraded to Energy-Star satisfaction.

Summer Upgrades In Our Shop

You may have seen on our social media platforms (follow us on the links above!) that we have purchased and installed new equipment for our shop in order to be able to produce Passive Home products. We are increasing our precision with new CNC machines and we purchased a new welder for vinyl and composite products. That means we have been training our manufacturing staff on our increasing standards for our products and expanding our possibilities. You may know that last year we started the process of partnering with the international giant Rehau. We are very close to launching our partnered GENEO Tilt-and-Turn European window systems. Expect an update soon about our upcoming product launch date!

Income Qualified Program (IQP)

Earlier this year the BC government soft-launched the Income Qualified Program to make windows affordable for those of humble means. Our staff has engaged in industry-leading training programs to qualify for industry partnerships. We are proud to be among the few contractors for windows on the CleanBC Registered Contractor List.

There has been a lot of interest expressed by our customers about this new program. We are pleased to be able to provide access to Energy-Star products to those who qualify for these programs. If you have questions about the CleanBC IQP program, THIS IS THE LINK to their website. You can talk to an energy advisor about how to make the best of the Provincial funds. Do note that the IQP program can be combined with the Federal Canada Greener Homes Grant – this is the most amount of public funds that have ever been available for energy upgrades in British Columbia’s history. Take advantage!