Replacing All Windows – Maximizing Cost Efficiency

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Are you considering replacing some or all of your windows? Customers frequently ask why a homeowner should choose to upgrade all of their windows at once. There are a few key reasons why we recommend doing a larger amount at once. For some people, the project is about aesthetics while for others the drafty windows need to be replaced with better sealed, more efficient windows. There are different qualities that people value in windows so we want to address the most common concerns and how those relate to doing more windows at once.

Rebates are Temporary

Top of mind for most homeowners is cost. Rebates help to offset those costs once the installation is completed. What rebates are available? How do I qualify? How long will they be available? Honestly, we really only know the answers to the first two. We have covered those questions in another blog that goes over everything you need to know. As to how long the rebate programs will last… no one really knows.

Importantly, each homeowner can only access the Canada Greener Homes Grant once. As this is the largest source of funds for Energy Efficiency incentives, it is best practice for window shoppers to want to maximize their return on investment. If you replace your windows in batches, acceptance is still only for the first application. If you want the full $7,000, you must install 20 replacement windows.

Administrators for the provincial programs issued a notice earlier this year that the scope of rebate-qualified products is shrinking. As of October 1st, any Tier-1 windows will no longer qualify for provincial rebates. By eliminating the lower tier of products, this program update brings the provincial program up to the same energy requirements as the federal Greener Homes Grant. Now the minimum requirement for rebate windows is a U-Value of 1.22.

Less Time with Contractors

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A contractor’s time is their money. In client consultations, the cost is a frequent factor in the contractor selection process. Does replacing more windows will cost less? Per window, yes! Overall, it takes less time to install more windows at once so we have lower labor costs involved in your project. If the contractor only needs to plan one larger installation that work takes less time than planning more frequent, smaller projects. Smaller projects also have more travel time and more downtime and fewer opportunities to make the work more efficient.

In terms of manufacturing, it is also less expensive to place larger orders because our systems are better able to optimize our raw materials. We pass those savings on to our customers. Are the material savings large? Not really. Nevertheless, these savings exist and you should know about them.

Unified Style – Get Your Home All on the Same Page

On your drives around the Lower Mainland, you have likely seen many houses that have mismatched windows. Do you want to own that house? Windows are the finishes on your façade. Different finishes, styles, and installations will contrast starkly against an otherwise unified appearance.  

Windows are transformative. Just like wearing a well-fitted outfit, finding windows that tailor to your style can enhance or exaggerate the best features of your home. Are you curious about your options? Read what we have to say about window aesthetic considerations. Just know that when trying to make your home have one cohesive look or style, many options are available to tailor the look and feel of the windows to match your exact vision. Windows can really pop, make sure that is a selling feature.

Indoor Air Quality

Do you have drafty windows? Is your AC working overtime to keep your air fresh? Is it too hot to be near your windows during the summer? New windows can help.

Drafty windows occur either because of failing weather-stripping or because of poor quality or poorly aging installations. Many of the seals that stop air from passing through the window penetration can degrade over time. Two common causes are symptoms of an older installation. Compression seals on casements work better and last longer than mohair seals on slider windows and caulking is exposed to the elements and may degrade or require a touch-up.

If you have an older house, your windows may not have the modern LowE coatings that we apply to windows. We can tailor the window’s insulation ratings to your comfort preferences and budget requirements. Modern window systems have a diverse range of options to match your needs. We can stop the sun’s heat from coming in, and drastically increase your control of the interior temperature by limiting fluctuations of energy through your windows.

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Energy Savings

When we upgrade windows, we are usually aiming for High-Efficiency standards. In Canada, we follow the Energy-Star guides and provide either Energy-Star qualified or Energy-Star Most Efficient qualified window systems. If you have single-glazed windows, this change will be night and day; however, even people with double-glazed systems will notice a significant change in their energy consumption. Because these modern windows can limit the temperature fluctuations inside your home, your AC or heating systems will need to work a lot less to get you to ideal temperatures year-round. When considering replacing all windows, think about how all of these benefits are cumulative.

Don’t take our word for it either! Consider having an energy evaluation done on your home by contractors registered with Natural Resources Canada. These are the first step on your way to the Canada Greener Homes Grant anyways. These reports will back up our claims 100% of the time. If you have ever heard the phrase “builder-grade windows” you probably know that windows have a range of quality. Good windows provide excellent energy efficiency and are more affordable than ever with the current government funds.